[BUG] Blank IdReference Found + Phantom Copy-Paste Sprite Layers



  • Paige Marincak

    I ran into the "Blank IDReference Found" bug today. Thankfully I have a diff between the commits where this happened, unfortunately it was a 1000 line change. I'll post when I can figure out what caused it more on my end, but you're not alone.

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  • Paige Marincak

    I discovered the problem in my files.

    First of all, this bug only occurs in yy files. The yyp was correct, as was all of the GML files. The correct behaviour is in green, the incorrect one is in red. This change from green to red was completely unrelated to the other changes and the changes I was making, so I am not entirely sure what caused this to happen.

    It modified 157 room yy files and removed the names of the properties for a number of objects. This transition sensor object is only one of the few that were targeted. It should be noted that my changes were renaming a couple of functions using find/replace. (i.e. change scr_MoveLeft to scr_move_left)

    While I was trying to determine the cause of the problem via stash/pop with git, gamemaker actually repaired the files (which is why the correct behaviour is in green). I did not test to see if there were any side effects of this change in the room editor or at run time, but I would imagine things would not work correctly.

    Not quite sure where to go from here, but I hope this is helpful.

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