[SUGGESTION LIST] Sequence Editor - A Professional Video Editor's Feedback (Mac OS)


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  • Nathan Quattrini

    I have uploaded a few videos to demonstrate why the Sprite_Index Parameter is a necessity. I have spent more time playing with Sequences and this is absolutely top of my list (along with curving position paths directly on the Canvas) :)

    1. Sprite_Index Parameter Mockup with explanation : https://youtu.be/gdwAOFIbyyw

    2. Short alternate example of how it would be helpful : https://youtu.be/-TX2GhHcS2I

    3. Creating a simple cutscene walkthrough explaining why the parameter is so important : https://youtu.be/A4P8vXOO4KU

    I'd be more than glad to jump on a skype call with anyone on the team to walk through many of the smaller additions and tweaks that could be made to make Sequences super powerful. The potential is enormous! I will need to start a second list soon the more I play with it, which makes me thinks sometimes it's easier to show someone in real time all the things that could improve and how. :D


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