[BUG] Error message with wrong scope for code within Room Creation Code




  • Zhanghua

    That's not a bug.

    Room also is a stuff like object, that's why you can create a room with gml.



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  • Francisco Dias

    I think you didn't understand the problem, I know a room is a "STUFF" like object. But the error should not be thrown within an object context... an object that isn't even in the room.

    when the project has no objects the error says:

    "undefined.a not set before reading it"  <-- I'm okay with this!!

    If I create an object named "MyObject" the error says:

    "MyObject.a not set before reading it"  <-- This makes you thing the problem is in the MyObject when it is NOT.

    So yes, this is a BUG.. IDE shouldn't be telling you a variables inside MyObject is not set before reading it.. it should tell you a variable inside a room/undefined is not set before reading it.

    You shouldn't be marking posts with down votes (-1) when you don't understand what is being reported.

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  • Zhanghua

    AHA, that's you. I haven't recognized that before.

    During the test, I found that the GMS will run the global scripte and Object's event scripte once to pre-build these function.

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  • YoYo QA Dept

    Hi Francisco,

    We have reproduced this issue now and I have added it to our bug database, so I'll mark the thread as Completed.
    Thanks again.
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