[BUG + SUGGESTION] Sequences - Track Length of Added Resources




  • YoYo QA Dept


    This is not a bug. The length of the added sprite is the number of frames that sprite has - with some maths applied to make it match the frame rates as defined in both the sprite editor and sequence editor. Hence a 1 frame animation at 30fps in a 60fps sequence will take 2 sequence frames when added.


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  • Stefan Lohner

    I see. I can understand that sprites with an animation (i.e. multiple subimages) are clipped to the length of the animation.

    However, wouldn't you agree that  in 99% of cases if the sprite only consists of a single subimage the typical usecase would not be to show the image only for a single frame? I would say in a vast majority of cases such a static sprite is supposed to stay visible for much longer.

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  • YoYo QA Dept


     That is valid and I could see that being desired in many cases. It is feedback such as this that gives us the knowledge to make that decision. I shall add a request into the database for the option to have the length take a default or the animation size.

    Thank you

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