Sequences Tutorial Series



  • Cassidy Liston

    Will there be another series that explains how to implement a Sequence in your code once you've created a Sequence? There's... a lot of mixed messages in the documentation and it's unclear exactly how to do this in GML.

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  • Cameron Scott

    I agree with Cassidy. I would prefer a deeper dive into implementing sequences (that were created in the sequence editor) in code.

    I tried to implement a button sequence animation, that I created in the sequence editor, with a menu system and found the code implementation to be more convoluted than I had expected. After wrestling with it for a little while I went on to working on something else and haven't touched sequences since then.

    Even a simple example of implementing a sequence, that was created in the sequence editor, in code would be a big help!

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  • Peter Morgan

    For basic usage, I just dragged the sequence into the room on an asset layer, and used these to manage the playback.



    Of course there is more to sequences, but this is an easy way to get them working quickly.

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