Bugs and missing features for exception handling



  • Core Tech

    1. I have fixed this bug - thanks for finding it

    2. Connecting to an http server and uploading things will not be possible within the exception handler - I suggest that you write the information to a file and then read that file on startup and do the upload then (when the user has restarted your game)

    3, We will pass this onto Mark for the manual

    4. This is a bug and should not happen - I will investigate

    5. This will not be possible (inheriting from YYGMLException) but I will have a think about alternatives

    6. That will not be possible and not something we are considering in this iteration

    7. That is something for the future but not something we are thinking about for this iteration.



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  • YoYo QA Dept

    Point 4 has now been fixed for the next beta release, btw.

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