Setting up for Education Use

Prior to purchasing any Education licences, please ensure that GameMaker Studio 2 will run on your machines within your individual network setup by reading our Help Article User Permissions and Internet Access Required by GMS2 as well as our Help Article GameMaker Studio 2 Required SDKs


Setup for export platforms should be the same on education machines as they would be on personal machines so you will be able to follow the individual export platform guides in the GameMaker Studio 2 section of our Help Guides:


GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop

Windows - Setting Up For Windows

Mac - Setting Up For MacOS

Ubuntu - Setting Up For Ubuntu


GameMaker Studio 2 Web

HTML5 - Setting Up For Web (HTML5)


GameMaker Studio 2 Mobile

Android - Setting Up For Android

iOS - Setting Up For iOS

Amazon Fire - Setting Up for Amazon Fire


GameMaker Studio 2 UWP

Windows 10 Desktop - Setting Up UWP For Windows 10 Desktop

Windows 10 Mobile - Setting Up UWP For Windows 10 Mobile

XBox One - Setting Up UWP For Xbox One


For information on the process of applying for an Education Account, please see our Help Article Getting GameMaker Studio 2 Licences For Education 



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