Ubuntu: Compiling Your App

In this article we explain how to compile and distribute your game on the Ubuntu platform. If you have not already set up and tested an Ubuntu device to use with GameMaker Studio, please see the following article before continuing:



Once you have finished your game project and have tested it to make sure that it all works as it should, you will likely want to distribute it as an executable package. To create this package for distribution is a case of simply hitting the Create Executable button at the top of the IDE and then give a save location and name for the package to be created (this saved package is simply a backup to be saved on your local machine, as GameMaker Studio 2 will also push the final executable to the Ubuntu machine):


The Ubuntu target will create a ZIP file that contains the main executable and a folder with the required assets in it. You can find this ZIP file on your Ubuntu machine from the file explorer, in Home > GameMakerStudio2 > [AppName]:


The ZIP file can then be distributed and the contents extracted to where the user wants. Running the executable will run your game:


It's important to note that the executable will use the standard Ubuntu EXE icon, since it is impossible for an icon to be added automatically and work on all possible versions and distros. However, you can create your own desktop icon (the icon image is supplied as part of the Assets folder within the compiled ZIP so it will be available once installed) following the instructions found here:

How To Create Desktop Launchers






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