Automatically Log Users Out Each Time GMS2 Is Closed

With release 2.2.0, GameMaker Studio 2 adds a new option to Preferences > General Settings to fully log users out whenever they close the IDE.


This feature has been added as a helper to teachers, as often students can forget to log out at the end of every session. When checked, the user will be automatically logged-out when GameMaker Studio 2 shuts down, freeing up the seat for a new session and forcing new users to log-in when starting the IDE.

Note that this does not include when restarting the IDE to change the runtime version in use, or when using File > New IDE to open up multiple IDEs at once (only when you close the last of your IDEs will the logout be performed).


"Remember Me"

Note that GMS2 has always offered the option to "Remember Me" when logging-in. This option remembers the user session and does not ask a user to log-in again until the session expires. If you want users to have to re-enter the password and login each time, then simply untick that checkbox when logging-in. Note that "Remember Me" being unticked does still remember the username.

This new system is an additional level of clearing out the login information, and by default will clear all login information including the username. However, if you do have "Remember Me" ticked, then the username will be preserved.


Deploying to Multiple Machines

If you would prefer to force ("automate") this process for all users on all machines, we support setting this Preference via your default_macros.json file. This file can then be pushed to all machines, and all users of those machines will act as if they had the Preference enabled. To enable this, add the following key-value pair to your %ProgramData%/GameMakerStudio2/machine_settings.json (if you have one already).

"machine.General Settings.LogoutOnExit": true

If you do not have a machine_settings.json file already, simply download and copy the file attached to this FAQ into your %ProgramData%/GameMakerStudio2/ folder.



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