Marketplace - How To Update An Existing Asset

In this article we'll explain how to update an asset that has already been uploaded and successfully published to the YoYo Games Marketplace. If you haven't gotten this far yet and want to upload a new asset first, then you should see the following articles before continuing:


Prepare The Package

Once you have your asset or tutorial prepared for updating, you need to go to the Marketplace menu in GameMaker Studio 2 and select the Update Existing Package option:


This will then open the Package Workspace, where you can set up the package details and select the resource tree items to include:


The first thing you should do is go to the Publisher Name dropdown and choose the publisher account that you wish to use. Once that's done you need to select the Name of the asset that you want to update. The drop down menu will list all of the ones you currently have uploaded to the Marketplace, and when you select one, the Package ID and Version will be automatically updated:


You should now edit the Version Number, as the one shown is the current version, and you can only upload assets with a version number greater than the current one.

Once that's done, you need to select the assets that you want to upload as the update. Note that you are creating and uploading a FULL asset package of your complete asset when you update, and not just selectively editing the contents of the previous package, so in general you will want the "Add All" option and then selectively remove those resources that are not required for the full asset to work.

When you are finished, you can click the Ok button to upload the package, which will open an upload status window:


When that's finished, you'll be taken to the Marketplace portal in a GameMaker Studio 2 where you can then edit the asset listing (alternatively, you can open the Marketplace in a browser and go to the asset listing there).


Publish The Update

On the Marketplace, you will now see a "Publish" button beneath the asset on its listing page:


If you click that button, the updated package will be pushed to public release. However, before you do that we recommend that you take a moment to add some Release Notes to let users know what's been added or removed or fixed.

To add Release Notes, you must first go to the Versions section of the publisher account.


In this section, you can see all the previously uploaded versions, the currently public version, and the newly updated version in a list together:


In this list, you should find the asset version you've just uploaded and click the Edit button:


In the next window you can add release notes for the new update. Note that, as with the general asset listing, the release notes accept markdown.

Once you have finished you can hit the Publish button and your new version will be made public to become the current version of the asset.






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