YoYo Bugs Database ("Mantis") Upgrade and Account Access Changes

Update: The server change was completed 26-01-2018. Updated the wording below to be past-tense.


As part of our ongoing drive to improve GameMaker Studio 2 and the support we can offer our customers, we have upgraded our public-facing bugs database to a new version.

However, as part of this upgrade we did not reactivate any Mantis accounts for our customers, so you will only be able to view reports as an anonymous/guest user, not login as yourself and report your own issues or add comments.

This change does not affect the Helpdesk help.yoyogames.com or the public bug-reporting page www.yoyogames.com/bug.

As you will still be able to view the bugs database and see confirmed issues, of course we still encourage you to please check bugs.yoyogames.com to see if your issue is reported already before submitting a bug report or Helpdesk ticket - and hopefully, in doing so you'll soon see that the new Mantis version is a significant upgrade and results in us being able to share information with you better than ever.

We've been extremely pleased and thrilled with the support shown over the years by our Mantis users, and we are glad to see that this level of enthusiasm has already transferred to the Helpdesk ticket system and the bug-reporting page (both are also available inside GM:S 1.4 and GMS2 on the Help menu), so we're not reducing our actual level of support at all - we're just ensuring everyone goes through the same channels and so all incoming information in in one place for us.

Thanks to all of our wonderful Mantis users over the years - you have been a huge factor in developing 1.x and 2.x into the great products they are today!



Why are you locking down the ability to report to Mantis?

For the vast majority of our users this change will have no effect, as we have not allowed reporting Mantis access to the GameMaker Studio 2 projects at any point, and so almost all bug traffic has come via our Helpdesk for quite a while. We then verify your report and put confirmed issues on the database for the developers and the wider public to see. This helps keep the Mantis database clean and accurate, which in turn speeds up the processing of fixing and verifying your issues as well as allowing us to better understand the features which need the least/most support.


How do I see Mantis reports now?

Use the guest login option on the login screen, which is where you will automatically be taken when trying to view the site:

Then you will be taken to the bugs list. At this point, things are very similar to how you could use the old Mantis. You can then filter this list of bugs using the project drop-down in the top-right corner of the page:

And use the filters configuration table across the top of the page to control the list of bugs shown lower down the page. Make your changes by clicking on the headings and picking the values you require and then click the Apply Filter button indicated below:


How do I see my private bugs?

If you would like us to make a report of yours public, then contact us via the Helpdesk (and supply your Mantis details if it was you who added it to Mantis originally).


What happens to my Mantis account?

It is still there, as we didn't want to remove credit from those who reported an issue or who gave us a crucial bit of information which unlocked a difficult bug, etc. The account will simply be deactivated so you can't log in.


Does this mean I also won't get e-mails from Mantis about the progress of my bugs? Is being able to follow a report removed by this also?

Yes, unfortunately this is the case - e-mails can't be sent to deactivated users, and so following a bug would be redundant.


What about my personal details?

If you wish us to just delete your entire account please send us a Helpdesk ticket and we will do this. Note that if you never actually reported an issue or added a comment and so therefore you have no information recorded for any bugs, then we will remove your entire account anyway.


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