GM:S 1.X Sale To Be Discontinued FAQ

While GameMaker: Studio 1.x will continue to be fully supported, when GameMaker Studio 2 leaves Beta and officially launches - sometime in the first quarter of 2017 - the 1.x product line will be removed from sale. If you already own GameMaker: Studio 1.X when this happens, then you can still download it from the Licences page of your YoYo Account, or if you are a new GameMaker Studio 2 retail user, then you will get 1.X bundled as part of your purchase (the bundled 1.X has Windows, Ubuntu (Linux) and Mac export options only), but you will no longer be able to buy it, upgrade it nor create a new license for the Free version.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I buy GameMaker Studio 2 what version of GM:S 1.X do I get?

When GameMaker Studio 2 officially launches after the beta period is over, YoYo Games will bundle GameMaker. Studio 1.4 Professional with any GMS2 paid licence. This version of 1.4 is feature complete and comes with export modules for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu (linux).


If I buy GameMaker Studio 2 with an education account, will I get access to GameMaker: Studio?

No, the bundled GameMaker: Studio Professional access is only available with retail purchases of GameMaker Studio 2.


Can I still buy GM:S 1.X after launch in any way?

There will be no further official means to buy GameMaker: Studio 1.X after GameMaker Studio 2 launches. However if you buy GameMaker Studio 2, you will get GameMaker: Studio 1.X Professional licence bundled with it at no extra charge.


Will I still be able to buy modules for 1.X?

Throughout the GameMaker Studio 2 Beta period you will still be able to buy modules and upgrade GameMaker: Studio 1.X, but once the beta period ends and GameMaker Studio 2 officially launches, you will not be able to buy any more modules.


Will the Free version still be available?

When GameMaker Studio 2 leaves Beta, you will no longer be able to register a new free license for GameMaker: Studio Standard. However those people who have registered the Free version with their YoYo Account before this point will be able to continue using it without issues.


Are YoYo Games continuing to support GameMaker: Studio 1.X?

Yes! You can still file support tickets with the helpdesk related to GameMaker: Studio 1.X, and the program will still receive essential maintenance and updates to core elements, although only critical bugs will be fixed and no new features will be added.


I bought GameMaker Studio 2 while it was still in Beta, do I get copy of 1.X?

Yes! Once GameMaker Studio 2 is officially launched, simply log in to your YoYo Account and go to the Licences page. There you will be able to download 1.X. Once downloaded and installed, log in using your YoYo Account email and password to start using it.

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