The tables below show the Roadmap for GameMaker Studio 2. This is a rough guide to what features and progresses we hope to make over the coming year, but the dates and contents may change as we advance.


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4


IDE Localisation Beta

Bug Fixes

Education Seat Management


Bug Fixes

Todo List

Virtual Keyboard

Android 64bit Support

Nintendo Switch Export


Stabilisation and Bug Fixes

Tutorial Updates

Features TBA


Stabilisation and Bug Fixes

Marketplace Update

Features TBA



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4

Web Beta

UWP Beta

Mobile Beta


macOS IDE Public Beta

Console Beta

macOS IDE Launch


Creator (Win & Mac)

Instance Properties

Ghosted Parent Events

Gifting Licences




The list below represents the planned IDE and Runtime additions, and while they are a rough order, this is not necessarily the order they will be done or released. Smaller items may well appear directly without appearing on this list.

While we will try and keep this list updated, items listed are also subject to change or removal without notice.


  • Image Editor effects
  • Code editor - Document replace text support
  • Game Language support - IDE Language Resource
  • Code Folding
  • Redefine Keys in IDE
  • Tileset resizing
  • Personal Asset Library - quick access for personal code snippets, assets, extensions etc
  • IDE Find All References - quick search in IDE to find all the references
  • IDE Search in preferences
  • Quick 47 Tile Tilemap generation from a simple 5 tile
  • Minimap - Workspace and Room Editor
  • Room Editor : Static Text on Asset Layers - include Language Resource support
  • Import PSD file format to projects (NOTE: Will still convert to PNG) - should handle layers
  • Attach points on sprites - allow multiple named points on sprites, can change on each frame
  • Mobile Templates - indication of what room views will look like on popular platforms.
  • Room Editor : Audio Emitter on Asset Layers
  • Audio - basic audio generator in IDE
  • Audio - basic sample editor in IDE (cut / copy / paste / Trim / resample / Fade In / Fade Out)
  • Command line project building
  • Remote project building
  • Refactor support
  • Save GIF
  • Particles Editor (and new Resource type)
  • Room Editor : Particle Emitter on Asset Layer.
  • Code Editor - Pretty Print / Format of selected code.
  • Signed Distance Field for Fonts
  • Image Editor - Animated Brush support
  • Debugger built in
  • Inherited projects
  • Import SVG graphics
  • Tile Collision - built in support for tile collision
  • Plugin documentation and SDK


  • Mip Maps - mip map generation (user selection, per texture group), mip filter selection
  • Extended Gesture events - Pinch In and Out, Rotation
  • Runtime support for Game Languages
  • Orientation Events - new event for supported platforms.
  • Resize Event - so it works as expected when window is resized (or fullscreen)
  • 64bit runtime support for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Wrapping Tilemaps - also allow smaller tilemaps than the room for simple parallax
  • Allow auto tile sets to be used at runtime
  • Mobile - allow load and save of pictures from camera / picture albums
  • UWP - Full Open Live support
  • Runtime Signed Distance Field for Fonts
  • GML: method data type to allow calling scripts through variables (i.e. foo=myscript; foo( 0, 1, 2); )
  • GML: exception support  - try… catch… finally… and throw
  • GML: data structures as a true datatype (not just an index)
  • GML: Chained arrays and accessors - allow foo[a][b][c] (and accessor equivalents)
  • GML: Inline functions - allow var a = function( a, b ) { ….. }
  • GML: Accessor literals - allow data structure literals - var a = {|  1, 2, 3 };
  • GML: Garbage Collector
  • GML: lightweight objects - new and delete + constructors / destructor methods.
  • GML: foreach statement to iterate over arrays and data structures


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