GameMaker Studio 2 FAQ

What is GameMaker Studio 2?

GameMaker Studio 2 (Studio 2, GMS2) is the latest and greatest iteration of GameMaker. It provides a powerful yet easy-to-use platform for all your game development needs.


When can I get it?

You can get GameMaker Studio 2 now under one of two possible licenses:

The restricted Free Trial & the unrestricted paid Licences​ (more information available Here)


Can I upgrade from GameMaker: Studio?

Yes you can - for a limited time (until August 31st 2017) existing Professional users and module holders will get 40% off the equivalent Studio 2 product and Master Collection users will get 50% off each product. Please visit for more information.


Does the Trial Licence for GameMaker Studio 2 have any limitations?

Yes, there are certain limits on the Trial Licence. You cannot create any executable packages for any platform, there are limits on the resources you can use, and a few items are missing from the IDE. See here for more information


Does the Trial Licence allow me to import my own projects?

Importing projects from previous versions of GameMaker is not enabled for the TRial Licence, but once you purchase any of the other licences, this is permitted.


Once I have a full license, will GameMaker Studio 2 import my Studio 1.4 project? Will it run?

GameMaker Studio 2 will import GameMaker: Studio 1.4 projects just fine. For any obsolete functions we will generate a compatibility script automatically for you so we can hopefully get your project running straight away - this compatibility script can continue to be used or you can edit your project so the extra script is no longer needed.

Some older resources (e.g., backgrounds and especially the old way of using tiles) will require a bit of manual work to bring them into line with the new functionality.

If it's an older project you should ensure your project works correctly in 1.4.1763 or later before attempting to import into GameMaker Studio 2. For more information on importing legacy projects into GameMaker Studio 2, see here.


Will GameMaker Studio 2 import my legacy GameMaker (7/8/8.1) project? Will it run?

No, GameMaker Studio 2 does not support these old formats. You will need to use GameMaker: Studio 1.4 to update your project and confirm it all works in 1.4, then re-export from 1.4 to import it into 2.0.


Can I use GameMaker Studio 2 on my Mac?

Not right now, but the Mac version of the GameMaker Studio 2 IDE will be going into beta sometime in the near future.


Will I need to purchase a separate license to use GameMaker Studio 2 on Mac?

No. When the Mac IDE for GameMaker Studio 2 launches, it will be available to all GameMaker Studio 2 license holders at no additional cost.


Does GameMaker Studio 2 require an internet connection?

When you first install GameMaker Studio 2 you will be required to have an internet connection to log into the product and download any additional runtimes. After that you can use the product offline, although you will be required to connect again every few weeks to verify the account using the product. Note, though, that by not being connected you will not be able to access various features like Account Management or the Marketplace, nor will you receive any updates to the IDE or the runtimes.


Does GameMaker Studio 2 send any data to YoYo Games?

GameMaker Studio games send analytics data to YoYo Games, both from the IDE and the from the games you create. Both will send data about the PC running the program (things like monitor size, CPU, GPU, memory, etc…) and final games will also send data on what the game is. This data is being accumulated so that we can better target our service towards the needs of the user, and in the future we hope to make this data available to developers (much like Steam does with their Steam Software Survey). Note that if you have any of the paid Licences for GameMaker Studio 2, then you can turn this option off in the Game Options.


How many computers can I install GameMaker Studio 2 on?

You can have GameMaker Studio 2 installed (and be logged in) on 3 concurrent devices.


Can I install GameMaker Studio 2 and GameMaker: Studio 1.4 on the same machine without issues?

GameMaker Studio 2 is not an update to 1.4 but rather a completely new version and as such can be installed fine side-by-side with GM:S 1.4. The import/export file formats are different too, so file associations for both will be maintained.


Will there be a Nintendo Switch Export?

We are exploring all export options, please stay tuned for more information.


How much does it cost and is it subscription only?

GameMaker Studio 2 does not have a subscription model and is currently available as a Trial version with various single payment upgrades available. For information on costs and the different upgrade packages please see:


Do I have to pay royalty fees?

No, YoYo Games does not require you to pay royalties.


Where can I get support/help?

Trial users can get assistance from the GameMaker Community forums, while paid users will have access to the GameMaker Studio 2 Support Forum (Coming Soon).


Are you stopping support for Studio 1.X?

Support for GameMaker: Studio 1.4 will continue for the moment, and it will receive maintenance to ensure you can still make and submit games for the various export platforms. However it will not be receiving new functionality or bug fixes for minor/cosmetic issues. We have also stopped taking user feedback suggestions.


What happens to my GameMaker: Studio license once I have used it to upgrade?

Your GameMaker: Studio license will still be valid and fully functional after it has been used to gain a discount on a GameMaker Studio 2 product.


Is there an education version

There is not currently a version available designed for educational use, but one will be made available in the future.


Where did the colon go?

The colon has been removed from the GameMaker Studio 2 name due to the branding issues it caused (mainly with it being used incorrectly or omitted) and we would request that you don't use it with the latest product name. For full branding details please see the Branding Guidelines.



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