Humble GameMaker Bundle

So you’ve purchased the Humble GameMaker Bundle but you don’t know what to do now? No problem, we’ve got you covered!

Redeeming Your Voucher Code(s)

In order to get started you will need to have created a YoYo Account.  This will allow you to store your licences and log-in to GameMaker Studio (note that this will also act as your user login to the Marketplace).

Once you have created and set up your YoYo Account you need to go to the main Dashboard and in the GameMaker section, click the Redeem option:

Now select the GameMaker: Studio 1.4 section and in the indicated input you should add the Humble Bundle code that you have been given and then click the button labelled Redeem. We will detect the licence and automatically apply it to your account.

Note: It has been noticed that copying keys from Humble Bundle adds a space at the start, make sure to remove this.

IMPORTANT! If you have purchased the any Modules then you will need to repeat this process and enter your Module Humble Bundle codes. Once the code has been entered you will then select your Professional licence and this will attach it. (Note: If you already own a different Professional licence, then you can attach it to that instead, but this licence has to be added to your YoYo Account first. Please understand that you can attach a Module to one Professional licence only.)



That should be you good to get started with GameMaker Studio.

Setting Up GameMaker: Studio 1.4 Professional

To download GameMaker: Studio, go in to your YoYo Account and click the licenses tab, at the top will be a link to download GameMaker.  You can also download specific versions from our release notes.

If you want some help installing GameMaker: Studio click here.

In order to setup your modules we have these useful guides:

And, if you received this as part of your Humble purchase, please also see:

Importing Source Code GMZs

Importing the gmz files that you get could not be simpler (the GMZ format is what GameMaker: Studio uses to store projects in one easy-to-transfer file).

When you first start GameMaker: Studio, navigate to the import tab.  Make sure you have the filter set to “gmz” and then click the “…” button above this in order to find the file.

When you complete the import it will create a project folder that will contain all of your resources for the project.  If you want to save this file in a certain location (Project Directory) or rename it (Project Name) then you can change these also.


If you want to enable Source Control for this project then you can do so on this screen also. We would recommend having a read of this 6 part Knowledge Base article here for how to work with source control.


How to Get Tech Support

First, remember to search the documentation yourself. You can open up the manual inside GameMaker: Studio by pressing "F1".  Alternatively, you can use the online version. You can also read up on more technical stuff from the Knowledge Base - you can also search this from inside GameMaker: Studio using the little search box near the top-right corner.

If your issue is with the setup/install or licensing of GameMaker: Studio, then contact Customer Support.

For Development support or issues with the source code packages we recommend creating an account at the forums.


More Information

Using GameMaker on Steam

Check out this guide on activating the product and modules.
Check out the Steam guides for developing.

Adding More Modules

If you purchase some more Modules you can add your licences on to your GameMaker: Studio Professional licence if you wish.  Just simply log in to your YoYo Account and go to the licences tab.  Enter your Module licence key and then attach it to the Professional licence.  This will link your Module and the next time you start GameMaker: Studio all your Modules will have downloaded.


Want to buy or sell some game development assets? Get on the Marketplace.  Read more about it here.

GameMaker Studio 2

All the games have been tested within GameMaker Studio 2 and do work so feel free to get using them there.
Check out these guides in relation to using GameMaker Studio 2.

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