[Fixed] Educational Copies Of GameMaker: Studio Closing After 5 Minutes

This issue has now been resolved, if you were affected please redownload your .zip

Unfortunately, we have become aware that all new downloads of the Education version of GameMaker: Studio will silently close itself after a few minutes. This is due to an executable signing issue, which we are in the process of fixing. We will release an updated zip as soon as possible.

To confirm this is the issue you're seeing, you can find your log file in a subfolder inside "%programdata%\GameMaker-Studio\" and see if it shows the following error quite near the end of the log:

"ERROR: GameMaker EXE has been corrupted, please reinstall application."


Please be aware, in fixing this we will also update the zip to give you the newer version 1.4.1757 instead of 1.4.1749.

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