How to sign up for the Xbox One Export Module


To become a registered Xbox developer and gain access to the Xbox One Module you need to firstly sign up to the ID@Xbox program.  You can sign up here.  This gives you access to everything you need from Microsoft (Dev Kits, SDK's etc).

Once you have signed up and have been approved, you then need to contact YoYo Games by creating a support ticket.

To speed up this process please include the following:

- Name

- Email Address

- Company Name

Please note: The details above need to be your ID@Xbox details.

Other details to include that would be helpful would be:

- Team Members

- GameMaker: Studio Licence key(s)

After this we further confirm your details which can take some time.  Once confirmed we will give you access to the Xbox One module (please note that you must also have an active Console licence on your account to have access), the ability to see the console articles/forums here on the knowledge base, and access to report issues directly to the Mantis bugs database for GameMaker: Studio and the console-specific projects.

Please be aware that we cannot issue you with any information until you have been approved so please make sure everything has been set up before contacting us.

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