Download Studio 1.4 Demos And Tutorials

For users who do not have an internet connection they can use to download files on-demand, we offer a single compressed zip file of all of GameMaker: Studio's demos and tutorials.

You can download the file using this link. Please note this file is approximately 275MB, so might take some time to download on slow connections.

Once it has downloaded, copy the file into "C:\Users\[YOUR NAME]\AppData\Local\GameMaker-Studio" (AKA "%localappdata%\GameMaker-Studio"), creating this folder if required because you haven't run Studio yet, and then extract all the files via right-clicking the file and choosing "Extract All":

The only thing to be careful of here is that Window's extraction tool will by default add the name of the archive onto the end of the path, which would then put all the files in a subfolder you don't want. Ensure you remove the final part of the extraction folder, so it looks like the below image:

Once you have edited the path, click the Extract button and Windows will then take a minute or two to extract all of the files. You should now see two new folders "demo" and "Tutorials", plus the matching .RSS files. If you don't see these immediately, right-click in some blank space and choose Refresh and they should appear.

You can now start Studio and enjoy all your new demos and tutorials by clicking the relevant tabs on the Welcome screen.

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