Publisher - When will I get my money?

You are unsure on what the Marketplace Publisher terms mean in terms of getting paid, this will help you understand further.


So firstly make sure you are in your Marketplace Publisher panel by clicking on your name in the upper right and then selecting your publisher account.

Note: You will not have an "Admin CP" section here.


From here, select the "Analytics" section.

In this section it shall give you a breakdown of all your asset sales and you can play around to see when you have had most sales etc.

If you have already already been paid then I would recommend changing the start date to when you last received payment, if you haven't receive any payment then you do not need to change this.


Now for the confusing part..

In the middle of your Analytics page, you will see "Asset totals".  There is Revenue, which is the total amount of money that you have made and Publisher cut which is what you will be receiving.  The difference in these values is that we (YoYo Games) take a cut of 30% and VAT from your revenue.


At the end of every month we will evaluate your total money from 60 days ago + the amount of days to the end of the month (which is why we say 90 days, adding on the month).  If your amount after our 30% cut and VAT has exceeded $100 then we shall release your funds.

So for example, at the end of October, we'll look at your total as of July.  Then at the end of November, we'll look at August. Then December -> September and so on.


If you have hit the target amount then we will issue your funds as quickly as possible at the end of the month, this money will be transferred via PayPal or other methods if you have stated otherwise.


If you have any further questions please read the "Publisher Terms" or contact us.

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