Advice on Posting in the Support Forums

New to the Support forums or not getting an answer?

Sometimes it takes a little effort to get your information, this will make sure you get the best and quickest answer.

What to post

  • Detailed, specific and understandable questions

Try to include as much information as you can.  Include logs, error messages, anything you think could be useful.  If English isn't your first language, don't worry, just let the reader know.

  • GameMaker version number

GameMaker is constantly changing and it could be an issue with a specific version.

  • If you are using GameMaker on Steam

As with version numbers some issues arise on Steam only.

  • What you have done

This will naturally bump your question and help others to narrow down your issue.

  • Your answer!!

If you manage to solve your issue please comment your answer so other people can see it.


See a good post?  Use the voting system, this will help get the best answers and most interesting questions to the top.

In the same respect, if you see a bad post, vote it down.  Do not misuse this ability though.



What not to post

  • Anything unrelated

Do not post anything that isn't needed, just talk about your issue present.  A lot of people do not take too kindly too seeing the word "URGENT" on a topic and may steer clear of it.

  • Multiple questions in one post

If you have more than one issue, submit another post.

  • Duplicate posts

If another user has asked the same or similar question, comment what you have tried and see if you can solve it together.  Any duplicates will be closed and 

  • Anything you haven't researched first

Try to do a little bit of investigation first.  Use Google, the GMC, Release Notes and the Bugs Database.

  • Do not bump your post!

Posting, "Still getting this" or "BUMP" does not help anyone.  Instead post things that will help others.

Remember, not everyone will know the answer to your question, you can sit waiting for a while on some answers.  Be patient, investigate further yourself or reach out to the GMC.


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