Developer dialogues should not be in released games

You may be aware that the dialogues intended for developers to get information from the user in-game do have some usability issues and may not appear consistent across platforms.

Please be aware that these functions/dialogues are intended for the purpose of debugging/prototyping only and we do not recommend using any of them in a retail game - the very old non-async versions don't work cross-platform (WP8, for example, will just crash when they are called) and even on platforms they do work on, they can get your game rejected in a store submission, as they block activities outside of the game (such as phone calls being received).

As such, we will not be adding to these dialogues or changing their functionality. This covers:

  • get_login_async
  • show_message
  • show_message_async
  • show_question
  • show_question_async
  • get_string
  • get_string_async
  • get_integer
  • get_integer_async
  • show_message

Existing UI and minor functionality reports on these functions are being resolved in order to be clear that you should be making proper dialogues, skinned for your game and with the precise functionality you require, not using the dialogues. If the report is a serious issue - a game stalling because the dialogue no longer works, or data is not received in the async event, for example. - then we will continue to fix this.

There are already a wide array of Marketplace assets which offer fantastic UIs and dialogues if you don't fancy making your own. See here:

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