Special Characters In Game Names Can Break Project Saving And Builds

Project Names

Please be aware that having dots in your project name is very often not a good idea, as this can in some cases break saving your project. If you like to add a version number onto your project, please ensure you use underscores in place of any dots or dashes. You will find that if you create a new project inside GM in any recent version it will block you from adding a range of unsafe characters into the filename, but you may well have an older game you've brought forward which will escape this check.

When Windows sees a name which has dots in it it will try to find a file extension which matches. If it can, it will believe the folder name is the name of a file and so you will end up seeing your project doesn't save - often silently, as GM is unable to track that Windows has made this switch.

We offer an option in File > Preferences to save out a file with a version number at the end, but it should be noted that this is for occasional archival purposes only and should not be your default setting.

Global Game Settings

Similarly, special characters and spaces can break compilation of your game - especially where we pass your game to external SDKs/tools - and so we don't recommend using anything other than alphanumeric characters in any GGS setting either.

Creating a package name of MyGame_v1-0-0 isn't fundamentally a good idea anyway, as when you then change it to MyGame_v1-0-1 this is a different product as far as most marketplaces are concerned and will require you to make a new submission. Very unlikely to be what you wanted to achieve!


The symptoms you receive because of this issue can vary between versions of Windows, which platform you're targeting, if a Mac/Linux machine is involved, and which unsafe character(s) you used, so if you have any issues with projects saving or failing to build and you have used any special characters in the project name or anywhere in GGS, please try saving your project out without these characters and building again before submitting a Helpdesk ticket. Thank you.

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