GameMaker: Studio Standard Goes Free FAQ

I already own Standard. Can I still publish to MAC OS X and Windows Store? 

If you own Standard, nothing changes for you, you will still have the ability to publish games for MAC OS X and Windows Store.


Will GameMaker: Studio be offered for free on Steam and elsewhere GameMaker: Studio is sold?

GameMaker: Studio will only be available for free on YoYo Games’ web site at and not on the Steam Store. 

Will I receive a Steam key with this free

No you will not receive a Steam key with this version.  You will only receive one with a purchased version of Studio/Modules.

Where can I publish games to with this new version of GameMaker: Studio?

You’ll be only able to publish games for Windows Desktop with the new version of GameMaker: Studio Standard.


What’s the difference between the new GameMaker: Studio Standard and GameMaker: Studio Pro now?

GameMaker: Studio Pro comes with the Windows App export and includes features including texture management, multiple configurations, team features, the developer services portal and the ability to do mobile testing for Android. Please see our features comparison chart at to see all of the functionality available in the various versions of Studio.


Can I buy exports if I have Standard now, or, do I need to have PRO?

To purchase additional exports, you must own PRO. If you have already paid for Standard then an upgrade to PRO is $99.99, otherwise it is $149.99.


Why are you doing this now?

We want to make game creation accessible to everyone. We think that once people jump in and start creating a game, they’ll see firsthand how easy it is with GameMaker: Studio.

I am already using the free version, how do I get this offer?

The easiest method is to locate the AppData\Local\GameMaker-Studio folder and then delete your "license.plist" file.  This will un-license your GameMaker and you shall see the "Free Standard" box again.

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