Creating a YoYo Account

The YoYo Account is a one-stop solution to all GameMaker licensing requirements. Once you have made your account, you can use it to recover your licence details as well as for logging in to the GameMaker Marketplace or even purchasing additional GameMaker Licences.

To create an account simply go to and then fill in the required details:


Once you have filled in these details, click the Register button and you'll be sent an email with a verification link. Once you get the mail, click the link and then sign in with the same email address and password that you set when you created the account.

On signing in you will then be shown the Terms And Conditions for using the YoYo Games account and services, and once agreed to you'll be taken to your personal Profile Settings Preferences:


Here you can set which informative emails you wish to receive or unsubscribe from all off them.

From there You can click the main Account Dashboard link to be taken to the main page of your dashboard where you can purchase a licence (or further licences) as well as edit your profile, create gifts or set up Marketplace publisher account:


Note that when you go to purchase any GameMaker Studio 2 licence from the YoYo Games website, you will be asked to make a YoYo Account first before you can go to the checkout to pay for the licence. 

If you have a GameMaker: Studio 1.4 licence, Voucher Code, or Humble Bundle code and wish to link it with your YoYo Account, then you should create the account as explained above (or log in if you have one already) and go to the section GameMaker > Redeem, and there you can input your GM:S 1.4 licence key or voucher/humble code to link the product to your YoYo Account:


Once you have redeemed the code, the product will be listed in the Products section of the dashboard, and you can download it from the Download section.

If you wish to publish assets or services for GameMaker then you will need to also create a linked Publisher Account. This is explained n the following article:


If You Are Under The Age Of 18

If you are under the age of 18 and wish to register for a YYA, then you will need to get parental consent before you can continue, and your account will be restricted, such that you will not be able to create a Marketplace Publisher account.

To get started you would simply click the Register button from the account login page, then fill in the details required (as shown at the start of this page). When you click the Register button, you will be shown the following page which should be filled in by your legal guardian:


Once that has been filled and in and the Sign button clicked, you will have access to your YoYo Account.






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