[GMS-S] (Advanced) RPG Tutorial Video Series

  • Title: RPG Tutorial Video Series
  • Description: A series of videos outlaying the fundamental code behind creating a next-gen like RPG game including the creation and consumption of 'rpg maker' type resource files, advanced physics, my personal off the grid mapping techniques, dialogue systems, quests, and ALL the features you would expect from a AAA rpg game.
  • GM Version: Game Maker Studio 1.2+
  • Registered: no but recommended
  • Playlist Link: https://www.youtube....IbivLgnvUxHklnj
  • Tags: RPG, Best Practices, Video Tutorial
  • Project Files:

In this series of videos i am outlaying the fundamentals of creating a professional grade indie RPG. Utilizing Game Maker Studio Best Practices and some Tips and Tricks i have developed over the past 10 years in my career as a commercial software engineer i am going to teach, train and support viewers of this series by sharing some of the best kept secrets used in the creation of top notch AAA / Indie RPG Games.


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    Justine Song

    code, code, code. from start to end.

    i must say sometimes you may consider other ways to proceed.

    anyway, nice work.

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    What do you mean?

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    Landon Ritchie

    i think that's probably a good thing imo

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