[GMS-S] (Beginner) 2D Platformer Playlist

Level: Intermediate

Author: Shaun Spalding

Learning Outcomes:

  • Platform-style player movement & jumping
  • Enemy encounters
  • Level switching
  • Power-ups



A brand new remake of my "In Depth Platformer" tutorial. Learn how to make a fully functional, robust platform game in just 40 lines of GML code. Previous issues with corners and collisions have been fully resolved leaving you with a high quality tutorial that is condensed down to its essential elements.



Download the project files: http://shaunspalding.co.uk/newtutoria...

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    Larry Nocella

    This is excellent. Thank you. 

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    Oscar Peter Sullivan

    Shaunspalding is fantastic!

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    Jim Barry

    I have been working on a couple of games for a while, but without the use of the game maker scripting language.  This tutorial series has given me the knowledge to cut my programming time, make my games more professional looking for my portfolio, and may just be enough to push me into buying the pro upgrade.  THANK YOU!

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    เบียร์ สิงห์

    I want upgrade mobile

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