[GMS-S] (Beginner) Space Shooter Playlist

Level: Intermediate

Author: Zack Berenger

Learning Outcomes:

  • Movement
  • Shooting
  • Spawning system 
  • Collision
  • Enemy Waves system 
  • And some background effects



A side-scrolling shooter, in space! A multi-part series taking you from nothing to a finished product.





Playlist Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLWms45O3n--5ElLpy26Jl3usJgkaUqbsP&v=r_DqoZuWxiw

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    Err Vir

    I really wish I had all of this information when I was starting out with game maker! Great job!

    I see a lot more great games coming in the future, because of the vast amounts of tutorials now available.

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    Nicholas Clayton

    There's no article or resource to view.

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