[GMS-S] Drift Racing with NPC's and Physics

  • Title: Drift Racing with NPC's and Physics Tutorial
  • Description: We create a high speed, fast paced drift racer using efficient methods for leaving tire tracks and smoke effects plus reusable components for basic npc ai cars and gamepad inputs.
  • GM Version: GM Studio
  • File Type: .gmk
  • File Size: 1mb
  • Video Playlist: Youtube
  • Project Download Link: Here
  • Project Notes: Due to the use of commercially licensed assets in this project i had to blank out the sprites and distort the backgrounds in the downloadable project file. However when you create your game from this tutorial you can find open source race sprites and assets on www.opengameart.org
  • Tags: Racing Drift Physics Tutorial Rm2kdev

The tutorial outlines efficient methods to create a high speed and fun race game with NPC Ai, Physics, Drifting leaving tire marks on the floor efficiently using particles and various other effects like smoke and dirt when the players tires touch the grassy / sandy areas.

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