[GMS-S] Creating Sprites, Objects, and Rooms





Steve Isaacs


Learning Outcomes:

  • How to create Sprites
  • How to create Rooms
  • How to create Objects
  • Proper naming convention



This tutorial will show you how to create sprites, objects and rooms. You will create and name your first resources using a proper naming convention. In the next lesson, we will program your objects with events and actions. (7:27)



Link to source files here


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    Yoke Anzion
    • there isn't anything here. there is no tutorial !!!
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    Max Molinaro

    After finally doing a google search, it turns out that this lesson (as a video) is at:


    as of 6/14/2016.  Maybe there once was an article or a link to one here, but the "Link to source files here"  only returns a visitor to this page.  Not helpful.

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    game maker s2  is not helpful there is 0 tutorials on how to build an object

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