Marketplace - Rating And Flagging Assets

The Marketplace has a great number of assets available to you, and it can sometimes be difficult to decide whether a package is what you require or not. To help you decide, there is a Rating and Comment system in place, where you can see the ratings (from one star to five) that an asset package has and also read the comments made by other users.

Ratings And Comments

Once you have downloaded or purchased an asset package from Marketplace, you can then leave a rating (zero to five stars) and a comment. 


When rating a product from the Maketplace, take into consideration not only whether it was useful to you personally, but whether you think it is of use in general too. Marking something with one star simply because it was not what you expected is unfair to the person that uploaded the asset for sale, so try to be just when rating.

The same goes for comments too. If you did not like the asset that you have purchased, or have found a bug or error, then please do not write comments that simply say "this is rubbish" or something similar. Instead, try to leave precise feedback about what you found wrong, or what you didn't like, so that the creator of the assets can consider making changes for future updates.

You should also take a moment to rate and comment if you have liked the product and think that it has value to the rest of the community as positive comments are just as important to a developer as negative ones are. The extra support and positive comments will help to encourage them to produce more assets that you and other users can benefit from later.

Flagging A Comment

While browsing Marketplace, you may come across comments that you consider to be offensive or inappropriate. These comments can be flagged as such by clicking on the flag icon to the right:


While negative comments have their place and can help, you should not insult or dismiss the creator of the content being commented on, nor insult their product. If you feel so strongly about a listed asset that you want to insult, or are angry, think about flagging the asset itself for a moderator to review (see below).

If you find comments of this nature, or anything that you suspect may be spam or otherwise inappropriate, please flag it as such so that the moderating team can get it removed as soon as possible. Your collaboration is important to YoYo Games as well as those of the community that are selling their assets through Marketplace.

Flagging An Asset

There may be cases where an asset has been added to the store that is inappropriate in some way. Should this happen you can flag the asset for moderator review from it's Market listing page.


There are a number of reasons why you can flag an asset, with the main ones being:

  • Misleading Content - the advertised content is not what is contained in the package
  • Offensive Content - the content is inappropriate for the given age rating, or simply inappropriate regardless of the age rating given
  • Copyright Breach - the content is not original to the author or breaks the copyright of a third party
  • Wrong Category - the content is not appropriate to the category to which it has been loaded

You can find out more about what is considered acceptable content from the page, "Marketplace Submission Guidlines".

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