GameMaker 8.1 and Studio Teaching Resources

Steven Isaacs, Middle School teacher, teaches Video Game Design to 7th and 8th grade students and online professional development web 2.0 technologies. He has been teaching GameMaker for over 10 years and has shared Tutorials (GM 8.0)  Blog GM 8.1 Tutorials

Below are a series of videos that will teach you the GameMaker: Studio basics while showing you how to create a simple maze game. 

Maze Game Part1: GameMaker Studio- The GameMaker Interface

Maze Game Part2: GameMaker Studio- Creating Sprites, Objects, and Rooms

Maze Game Part3: Game Maker Studio- Events and Actions

Maze Game Part4: GameMaker Studio- Creating Moving Objects

Maze Game Part5: GameMaker Studio- Sounds and Backgrounds

The main tutorials can be found here:

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And links for his blog and other sites;

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