License Stamper

Please note: This is a legacy article and is only available to users who purchased education access to GameMaker 8.1 prior to the end of its support.

This only applies to GameMaker 8.1 and it is not available for GameMaker: Studio or GameMaker Studio 2.

We provide on request (from the helpdesk an executable that can be used to install an educational license on any machine, this is a simple executable that when run on a machine it will upgrade GameMaker to the Standard version. This should be done once per machine by the administrator, the executable should not be accessible by anyone else.

NOTE : The LicenseStamper needs to be run with administrator privileges to work correctly. (Press Start->Accessories then right click on the Command Prompt icon and select Run As Administrator, then run the licenseStamper executable from the command line)

The LicenseStamper is a .NET application and requires .NET v3.5 to run.


Any further problems please contact the Helpdesk at the above link.

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