GameMaker for Mac V7.0

The GameMaker For Mac is no longer available to download, however if you already have the file downloaded, the instructions below should help with setup.

Attached is a shell script which can be used to license GameMaker For Mac for a single user on a machine (i.e., it has to be run once for each user on each Mac). NOTE : You will need to have the Admin password for this machine.

Usage instructions

1. Save the script to the hard disk (remember the location as you will need it later)

2. Start Terminal from Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal

3. In Terminal type 'sudo chmod +x <script-name>' and press enter. Remember to replace <script-name> with the full location of where the script was saved in step 1 and don't include the quote marks shown here.

4. In Terminal now type 'sudo <script-name> <license-key> <license-email-address>' where <license-key> is the key given to you when you bought the product (e.g. ABCDEF01-2345-6789-ABCD-EF0123456789) and the email address that was used for that license. This is the information that would have been typed into Gamemaker for Mac when it started up if you were to license it manually.

5. Start GameMaker for Mac (it should no longer ask for any license information).

If you see any errors, then contact our helpdesk at

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