Installing GameMaker 8.1 with an MSI

Please note: This is a legacy article and is only available to users who purchased education access to GameMaker 8.1 prior to the end of its support.

This only applies to GameMaker 8.1 and it is not available for GameMaker: Studio or GameMaker Studio 2.

Getting Started

For our Education licensees we provide GameMaker 8.1 as an MSI that can be deployed to multiple machines and remotely installed using sysadmin tools (like Active Directory). This version does not include the updater and when licensed does not perform any external website interaction (apart from the news), so should play nicely within a school environment.

We provide an MSI on request from the Helpdesk, this MSI is the full version of GameMaker (see License Stamper on how to apply an educational license for a particular user) Once you have downloaded the MSI then it can be installed on a machine using the command line below (or you can use standard deployment tools like Active Directory to get this installed on the desired machines within the network) - Do NOT double click the .msi file you have downloaded! It must be installed using the command line (Press Start Accessories then right click on the Command Prompt icon and select Run As Administrator

Inside Command Prompt



SAMPLE - msiexec /i C:\gamemaker\GameMaker-8.1.142.msi TARGETDIR="C:\gamemaker"


MSI_LOCATION - This is the folder you have placed the downloaded MSI

VERSION_NUNBER - this is the version of the MSI you have downloaded (the MSI will state this number)

INSTALL_LOCATION - This is where you want the MSI to install to - this should be on your network so all computers/users can access it.


NOTE: The directory to install to should include the GameMaker directory as the MSI is flat (it contains no GameMaker directory) so all the files will install directly to the directory you specify.

This installs a "bare bones" version of GameMaker without any start menu links - you will need to setup any desktop or start menu links yourself.

NOTE: If you have installed the MSI to a network - right click on the GameMaker icon in the installation folder and select 'Create Shortcut'. Right click the shortcut & select 'Cut' - now paste this into the shared desktop (or anywhere which places icons onto all machines across the network).

Intended Installation Procedure

The intended installation procedure would be to download the MSI and setup the install within your environment, once GameMaker has been installed then use the License Stamper (which you receive from the helpdesk) to then license all the machines that you intend to run GameMaker.

NOTE: the automatic updater is not present in the education version as it accesses the internet and requires a disk layout that is not appropriate for a schools environment.


I get an EInOutError when student accounts try to start GameMaker, but it works when an administrator starts it?

GameMaker needs the student accounts to have some permissions to access shared directories on the local machine these are

  1. the install location
  2. the temporary directory (this can be changed by setting the %TEMP% environment variable
  3. the shared program data directory on Windows 7 this is c:\programdata\GameMaker81 - though this location can vary from system to system.

The only registry location that GameMaker should access are, the student accounts will also need access to them...

  1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Game Maker
  2. HKEY_LOCAL_USER\Software\Game Maker\Version 8.1

Enquiries or Problems

If you have any enquiries then please contact our helpdesk

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