Testing In App Purchases

Testing In App Purchases can be a tricky business and each platform requires its own setup. The following sections briefly explain how to get the testing process set up correctly for the platforms that support it. 


For in app purchase testing with the iOS module, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You will need to have created a new App Id in your iTunes Connect profile, with in app purchases enabled.
  • The product must be added to iTunes Connect and the "Cleared for Sale" check box marked otherwise testing will not work.
  • You will need a "Test User" to your iTunes Connect account, and have signed out of your normal account on your test device. When testing, use the test user information when prompted.


Android devices can use in app purchases on either the Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store. For Google Play, setup is simple and after programming your app, you can test it easily by creating an executable, uploading it to your Google Play developers page and making sure to enable the in app purchases from the appropriate section. You do not need to publish the app yet. Please note the following:

  • For testing purposes on Google Play, the version number of your test *.apk has to be the same (it may accept a higher version number) as the version of the APK you’ve uploaded.
  • On Google Play, until you’ve published a title the only accounts that will be able to make purchases are test accounts you’ve registered at the given test URLs (under “Edit Profile – Test Accounts”)

For testing in app purchases with Amazon, things are slightly different. You will need to code the IAPs in your game as you would for a release, then go to your Amazon developer page and set up the app for Live App Testing. With Live App Testing you can share your game with a group of testers who can then download it and test all the features, including IAP, with no charges actually being made to the accounts. This greatly simplifies testing and is easy to set up - Amazon have a full walkthrough for you to follow on their developer pages here: Getting Started With Live App Testing.

When uploading your APK for testing (and when it goes live) don't forget to tick the Amazon Store box in the Global Game Settings and GameMaker:Studio.




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