Publishing To The Tizen Store

This tutorial is for those people that wish to submit a game to the Tizen Store and it will take you through all the steps necessary. It is worth reading through the tutorial before actually starting on the process of uploading a game, since it contains details of assets that are required, and it is easier if you have these pre-prepared for upload when requested.

Getting Started

The very first thing that you are required to do, is create an account with the Tizen Store Seller Office, here:

You can create a Personal Seller Account or a Corporate Seller Account, the choice will depend on your individual needs but, apart from minor differences related to sharing and accessibility to the account, they both have the same setup process.

Selecting your account type will then take you to a setup page for the account where you must fill in your account details and accept the various terms and conditions before clicking the register button. With that done, you will then be sent an email to verify the account and you should do this before continuing.

Once your account is verified you will be asked if you want to Add A Free Application or Request Commercial Seller Status.


If you have no wish to sell your games through the Tizen Store, you can continue to add your first game (see below for further details), but if you have plans to make paid games, you should take this opportunity to set up your seller account.

Seller Accounts

To be able to sell your games through the Tizen store, you need to upgrade your account to Seller status. This requires that you supply Tizen with further personal information, as well as the details of your bank account (you may choose to use PayPal to receive payments from the Tizen Store too, but this is not recommended).

Once you have added this information, you must also supply photographic evidence to show that your account is legitimate. This should be supplied in the form of a scan of your passport. If you have added a bank account, you will also be required to submit the scan of a bank document that clearly shows the bank name, account number and office codes. These images are essential, so make sure that you have them ready, and that they show the required details before starting!

NOTE: For a Corporate Account, when you "Request Commercial Seller Status", additionally you should submit a scan of your business registration certificate.

Once you have submitted this information, you will need to wait a few days before you can submit any paid games to the store (you can, however, upload free games, or prepare a game for submission while you are waiting).

Submitting A Game

Once you have signed up and (optionally) upgraded to a seller account, you can start to submit games to the store. You can do this by clicking on the "+Add New App" button at the top of the page. This will take you to the app information page, where you can now upload the game and add screenshots etc...

Binary And Device

The first section to fill out is that relating to your game binary and the device selection:


You enter the game Title here (and you should check it, too, to make sure that it is available for use on the Store), and then upload either the *.tpk (Native) or *.wgt (JS) file for your game. You need not specify which format you are uploading as the page will detect this automatically. You can then check/uncheck devices that the game can be run on by clicking the "Detailed Device Settings" button, but currently there are very few devices available and the options are limited (and your GameMaker:Studio game should be compatible with all of them anyway).

Currently GameMaker:Studio does not support In App Purchases (it will be added in a future update, however), so you can ignore that section.


Here you can put a price on your game for the store, or set it to be a Free app (if you do not have Seller Status then you will not have the option to set a price):


You must give a Standard Price here, and then you can go on to add further pricing for the specific countries listed, or exclude countries that you don't wish to distribute to. It is recommended that you click the button "Auto Convert Local Currency" here, and then manually adjust pricing as necessary.


The Tizen Store gives you the option to add protection to your game through DRM (Digital Rights Management):


This DRM will be applied automatically should you select it, and it will help prevent your game from being hacked by "locking" it to the Tizen Store. It is strongly recommended that you select this option as it costs you nothing, requires no setup and helps to secure your game from hacking.


The Category section for your game is where you give details of the type of app it is and the age ratings that it requires:


The category you select will determine how your game is marketed on the Tizen Store, and how it is found using the "search" functions. You should make sure that this (and the secondary category) are set to the most approximate choice for your game or app, as a wrong category could prevent validation, or mean that the end user will not find your game once it's been published.

Once you have chosen a category, you can set the age restriction, baring in mind that the higher the age restriction, the lower your potential audience will be. However, you should try to honestly target the correct audience as, for example, if you game contains blood and violence, setting the age to lower than 16 may result in it not being validated by Tizen.

If you have any Ratings certificates, for example from the ESRB, then you should upload them here. if they are in PDF format, you will need to create an image of the page as the form expects a *.jpg file.

When you have finished here, click the "Next" button to go to the Display page.

Store Display Information 

 The Store Display page is where you enter the game details and promotional images. It's split into two parts with the first part being where you add the game information as it will be displayed on the Store:


The information required is a short description of the game, tags and supported languages. By default, you must supply a description in English, but if you have localized your game, then you can also add the same information in the language(s) required.

After that comes the images that will be used to promote your game:


Image format here should be PNG, and for the screen shots they can be either 854*480px or 480*854px. The icon that you supply should be a hi resolution version of your game icon, again as a PNG and authored at 512*512px, but note that unlike most of the other app stores, this icon must be circular. So, you should make sure that the outside of the circular image is transparent, with the actual icon in the center.

Providing an incorrectly formatted store icon will not stop your app from being submitted to the store, but it will get knocked back on Validation (see below), so ensure that your image meets the specifications before continuing.


Game validation will occur when you finish filling out the game information and submit the game to the Tizen Store. During this process, your game will be tested and you will be informed of any issues it may have. For this process to occur, however, you must first fill in the require validation information:


If your game requires any special testing (for example, it requires the user to log in to a server) then you should leave a message here for the validation team to inform them of the procedure and any other things that you think may be useful for them to know to help make the validation process go smoothly. This is also where you should mention any copyrighted material that your game uses and supply the necessary proofs of ownership or licences to demonstrate (as image files).

You should also add a link here to a gameplay video, should you have one. This will then be used to compare the game on a device with to see if the actual game looks and plays as shown and expected. This is not a required field, but certainly a recommended one to fill out.

Final Review

Once you have added the relevant information and saved the game to the store, you will be presented with a final review screen. You should take a moment to check and make sure that all your game information is correct, and then click the "Confirm" button at the bottom of the page to submit your game to the Tizen Store.


Congratulations! Your game has been submitted and now it's time to sit back and wait for the validation process to end. At the time of writing this, validation could take from 1 to 4 days, depending on the complexity of the game and time required for testing. However as the volume of submitted apps increases on the Store, I would expect this time to increase.

Validation Failed

If your game has been failed for validation, you will receive an email from the Tizen Store with a *.pdf file attached outlining all the found issues. The most common ones are:

  • App icon incorrect: The default GMS icon is rectangular, but the Tizen Store requires a circular icon for their games, so you will need to create a circular icon with a transparent background and re-upload
  • Store icon incorrect: As above, the icon for the Tizen Store is not correctly formatted.
  • Can't exit the game: If you are porting an iOS game to Tizen, or are not familiar with the platform, ir may be that you have not added in any way for the player to exit the game. However Tizen apps require this.
  • Incorrect age rating: Assigning an age rating lower than that which Tizen believe is suitable for your game will get it rejected. So, make sure that you have checked their documentation for the requirements before submitting your game (see Additional Links, below).
  • Unspecified network use: You are required by Tizen to supply the URL of any page that your game may try to connect to. For example, if you have added a Tweet button, then the Twitter domain URL must be added to the app manifest through the Global Game Settings for Tizen in GameMaker:Studio
  • Inappropriate images: The Tizen Store only permits screenshots and icons that are suitable for a child audience. This means that you cannot show blood, gore, partial nudity etc... in any of these elements, and even if your game is correctly rated and works fine, it will be refused until you re-submit with other images.
  • Game doesn't function as expected: There are many circumstances when a game may not funtion as the validation team expect. if you have a nonstandandr use of the Back Button, for example, or if there are coding errors or crashes, then your game will be refused validation. These are usually fully explained by the Tizen staff and it's usually a question of just fixing your code and re-submitting.

Additional Links

To sign up for the Tizen Store you can go to the Seller Office and make an account:

Once you have made your account. you can find full information on the validation process, as well as other documents related to Tizen, from the link below:


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