System.Exception: 0x80131500 when using the emulator

You might see the following error when trying to deploy a test build of your game to your device:

System.Exception: 0x80131500

at Microsoft.VisualStudio.DeviceConnectivity.Interop.ConManServerClass.ConnectDevice()
at Microsoft.SmartDevice.Connectivity.Device.Connect()
at DeploymentTool.Program.InstallAndLaunch(String _xapname)
at DeploymentTool.Program.Main(String[] _args)
Compile finished: 16:52:11

You're deploying to the emulator instead of a real device. Change File > Preferences to point back to a real device and simply build again.

If you intended to use the emulator, then you will need to correct the system issue blocking the emulator from starting - this specific error is that your network connection doesn't have the Hyper-V networking switch added to its list of protocols and so the emulator can't find which port to start on, but this may be a more complex fix than simply adding on that protocol (you should have had a specific networking adapter/connection set up by VS2012 to use instead of your normal one).

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