Error:Your App Was Launched During the Build Phase

When testing games on the Windows 8 (Native or JS) platform, it is common that you encounter the following error:


There are two main causes for this error, both of which are easy to resolve:

  • If you have tested your game on the Windows 8 target and then tabbed away or switched applications without closing the game, then future builds will fail with this error. You can resolve this easily by closing the app (go to the top of the screen and "pull" the app to the bottom) and waiting a few seconds before building again.
  • If you have tried to test too quickly after a previous build then you can be shown this error. Windows 8 games have certain "hooks" into the operating system that require a few seconds to be released, meaning that if you exit your game and then do another build too soon afterwards, you will not be able to.

So, simply make sure you have exited your app correctly and that you have left enough time between builds to avoid future occurrences of this error.

Note that it is also possible to get this error if the asset compiler or some other tool in the build chain failed - so, if you get the error but nothing shows up in your log then it's usually just Explorer, and this can occasionally be seen after a failed build. This means that if you see this error box it's best to have a quick scan of your compiler log to see what, if anything, failed, even though you may not find any obvious issues (in which case it's likely one of the first two situations described above that's the problem).

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