Windows Store Registration

This step-by-step guide shows you how to register as a developer in the Windows Store. To register for your Windows Store account you will need the following:

  • Your tax info
  • Your contact and identification info
  • A valid credit card, so that we can verify your account
  • A registration code, if you have one


1.    Start here:

Click Register to begin your Windows Store account registration.


2.    Login with your Microsoft account:

Log in using the Microsoft account that you want to link to your Windows Store developer account. Use the same Microsoft account that you used for your Microsoft Developer Services account if you want to link them.




3.    Chose your country/region and account type:

Pick the country/region where you live or where your business is located.

Choose your account type:

  • If you enroll as a company, you must use a name that is legally registered to your organization. You will be requested to validate your company in later steps.
  • Once you've registered, you can't change your account type or country.


Enroll your account, and follow the online steps to provide your personal registration information. You also need to provide a Publisher display name. The publisher display name must be unique and you must have permission to use the name you pick. Click Next to continue.

4.    Accept the App Developer Agreement

Read the App Developer Agreement and print it for your record. You must accept the terms and conditions of the App Developer Agreement to register for the Windows Store account. Click Next to continue.

5.    Enter your registration promo code and verify your registration fee

Next, verify your registration fee. If you have a registration promo code, enter it here. Click Update total to apply the registration promo code. If you entered a valid code, your total amount will be $0. Make sure to read what is included with your registration, and click Next to continue.




6.    Validate your Microsoft account

Validate your Microsoft account again, as a security measure before you enter sensitive Credit Card information, by re-entering your password.

7.    Windows Store Account verification

After you validate your account, on the Account verification page, enter a payment method. You must do this even if you used a code for your registration. This payment method will be used to validate your registration and for your future Store account purchases. Enter your financial data, and follow the instructions to complete your Windows Store account registration. Click Purchase to finish.




Congratulations! You’re now a Windows Store registered developer.


Next you will be offered two options to create your payout account or get started:


Set up a payout account

The payout account is the account into which Microsoft deposits the money your apps earn in the Windows Store. This is not the same account that Microsoft uses to collect your annual account fees. Set up the account into which you would like Microsoft to deposit the money from your sales. After you set up your payout account, your next step is to fill out your tax forms. You must complete both steps for Microsoft to pay you. You don't need this if you only offer free apps, and you can always set up your payout account at a later time by going to the Payout section of your Dashboard 

Get Started

Go to your Dashboard, where you can reserve the name of your first app. From your Dashboard you can explore the Dev center, visit the community forums, and learn more about writing apps for the Windows Store. You can also use the Dashboard to submit an app and check the app submission status.

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