Are there any new functions provided for the Windows 8 platform?

These functions are provided specifically for the Windows 8 platform.

The Windows 8 module has some functions that are specifically designed to be used by the games that target it. These functions make the most of the Windows 8 tile system as well as permitting you to access and share files from within your game. The following functions have been split into the relevant sections to make finding the right one for your needs easier.

Live Tiles

With the Windows 8 OS your game (or app) will be associated with it's own Live Tile. A live tile is a dynamic link to your game which updates in real time, meaning that you can "push" images and text onto them for the user to see at specific times form your game.

  1. win8_livetile_tile_notification
  2. win8_livetile_tile_clear
  3. win8_livetile_badge_notification
  4. win8_livetile_badge_clear
  5. win8_livetile_queue_enable

There is also a list of the available Template Strings available for some of the Live Tile functions here:

  1. Windows 8 Live Tile Templates

Appbar commands

The App Bar is a special bar of buttons that can be made to pop up by right clicking on your game. These buttons can be defined through the following functions and linked to scripts within GameMaker:Studio to create pause menus, options etc... :

  1. win8_appbar_enable
  2. win8_appbar_add_element
  3. win8_appbar_remove_element

Settings Charm

When in your game, if you move the mouse to the top right (or bottom right) of the screen, a side-bar slides out that shows different "charms" (icons). These functions give you the ability to add custom options to the "Settings" charm, either through internal scripts, or external HTML files:

  1. win8_settingscharm_add_entry
  2. win8_settingscharm_add_html_entry
  3. win8_settingscharm_remove_entry


These functions are effectively and advanced "Cut and Paste" option for Windows 8 and permit you to send information as either text, an image, a file or even as a URL:

  1. win8_share_image
  2. win8_share_screenshot
  3. win8_share_file
  4. win8_share_url
  5. win8_share_text


Windows 8 can permit your game to search through the system as you would any other window. These functions control this:

  1. win8_search_enable
  2. win8_search_add_suggestion
  3. win8_search_disable
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