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This article contains frequently asked questions related to the Steam version of GameMaker: Studio 1.4 and the information may only be applicable to GameMaker: Studio 1.4.
If you have any additonal questions or issues, please create a new ticket on the Helpdesk and let us know:


Steam Version

-Will the GameMaker: Studio on Steam over write my original GameMaker: Studio
No. If GameMaker: Studio is installed via Steam, it will obtain a new directory and will not effect your non-Steam GameMaker: Studio.

-How can I activate GameMaker: Studio on Steam?
A separate article explaining how to activate your license on Steam can be found Here.

-Will I need a Steam Account to access GameMaker: Studio on Steam?
Yes. You will need an Account on Steam in order to use the Steam version of GameMaker Studio.

-Will GameMaker: Studio on Steam receive the same support as the non-Steam
Yes. Steam users will have full access to our support team & community forums.
Our full support can be located directly at:

-Will all GameMaker: Studio updates be found on steam?
There may be some delay between versions but all features in non-steam Game Maker: Studio features will be available on the Steam version.

-Why do I need a Steam license key when I already have a GameMaker: Studio key?
Steam have their own licensing system to distribute software. If you have purchased GameMaker Studio or an export module from our website you will be able to receive the same license or export module on Steam as well.

-The GameMaker: Studio key I already own does not work when I type it into steam?
GameMaker: Studio license keys will not work as Steam keys.

-If I download GameMaker: Studio on Steam, will I be able to run GameMaker: Studio on my machine without being online or logged into my steam account.
Steam has an offline mode that will allow you to play and run applications while not being logged in.

-If I buy GameMaker: Studio on Steam, will I get a non-steam GameMaker: Studio Key
No, If you buy GameMaker: Studio from Steam, you will only receive a stand-alone licence key. You can create a YoYo Account and tie your Steam account to it in order to use the non-steam version though. Please read this article for more information:

-Does GameMaker: Studio on Steam have Windows 8 support.
Yes. GameMaker: Studio has full Windows 8 support  and the ability to export to the Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone platforms.

-Can I release a GameMaker: Studio game I have made and sell it on Steam?
Currently games created with GameMaker: Studio Steam WORKSHOP are only licensed to be free to play.
However if you have a publishing deal with Steam, either through the GreenLight system, or through an independent publisher, then you can sell your games. 

-Can I access my projects on any machine which I am logged into Steam via the Steam Cloud?
No. GameMaker: Studio projects are not supported by the Steam Cloud.
However, if you have the project files at hand, the project can be run on any machine with GameMaker: Studio installed on Steam.


Steam Workshop

-Is it free to publish games on the GameMaker: Studio Steam Workshop?

-When friends or the public try to access my game they get this error message “Sorry! An error was encountered while processing your request: That item does not exist. It may have been removed by the author.”
Check to ensure that your game is not set to 'hidden' in the games Steam preferences. This can be changed after you have uploaded your game to Steam:
On the Steam Game Page, locate Owner Controls and change ' Change Visibility' to 'Friends-Only' if you wish to only allow steam friends to access your game, or select 'Public' to allow everyone to access your game.

-I've uploaded/updated my game but I cant find it on the Steam WORKSHOP - Why?
Steam updates Workshop items by uploading in segments so this can take time. The amount of time taken will depend on your connection speed and how busy Steam's upload server is.

-I want to be the only person who can view the game I am releasing on Steam WORKSHOP, is this possible?
Yes. You can change who is able to access your game at any time. To change this preference:
On the Steam Game Page, locate Owner Controls and change ' Change Visibility' to 'Hidden'.

-I do not have GameMaker: Studio installed on my Steam Account. Can I still access The GameMaker: Studio WORKSHOP page & play games?
No. GameMaker Studio is required in order to download and play GameMaker Studio workshop games. The free version is able to do this though so you do not need to buy the program.

-I can't find Steam WORKSHOP in Change Global Game Settings - How do I change my games settings for publishing to the Steam WORKSHOP?
The Steam WORKSHOP preferences are accessible when you come to 'Create Application'. (located in File, Create Application)

-I am ready to release my game onto the Steam Workshop. How do I get my game logo to appear on my games Steam page?
This process is performed in Game Maker: Studio BEFORE releasing the game:
Open Game Maker, With Target set to 'Steam WORKSHOP' click file & select 'Create Application' and you will be prompted to fill out the games Global information. At this point you are able to upload the games logo.

-How do I access GameMaker: Studio games in Steam?
To access games on the GameMaker: Studio Steam WORKSHOP you need to have GameMaker: Studio installed on Steam.
If you have GameMaker: Studio installed you can access the GameMaker: Studio WORKSHOP via:  Steam > Community > Workshop > GameMaker

Here you will find all the GameMaker: Studio games uploaded via the Steam WORKSHOP.


Older Versions of GameMaker

-Is GameMaker 8.1 Supported on Steam?
No. 8.1 Licenses holders will not be granted GameMaker: Studio Keys.
However, GameMaker: Studio on Steam will be able to open GameMaker: 8.1 projects - the user will be required to check all the project functions are correctly up-to-date once loaded into GameMaker: Studio.

-I own a Mac, can I use GameMaker: Studio on Steam?
GameMaker Studio is a Windows only application. GameMaker: Studio cannot be installed or run on a Mac system.

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