Setup GameMaker:Studio for Steam

If you have the Steam Client on your PC you can now get a copy of GameMaker:Studio from it. As with any game from Steam, it's simply a case of going to the Store, selecting GameMaker:Studio and the version you want (Free or Professional - More information on versions can be found here) and then purchasing it. It will then be added to your Library and clicking on it will install it in a few moments.

Running GameMaker:Studio on Steam

When you first run GameMaker:Studio from your Steam Client you will be presented with the Play/Make window. This is a large window with two buttons where you can choose whether you want to play some games from the Steam Workshop or start up the GameMaker:Studio IDE and make or edit your own games.


Should you choose to play games you will then be presented with the Steam Player where you can select and play your subscribed games, but should you choose to make/edit your game then you will be presented with the standard GameMaker:Studio main window.


When you are creating your game and have selected the Steam WORKSHOP target module, the green and orange Play/Debug buttons will work the same as for the standard Windows Platform, so you can use them to test your game as normal. The only time you will see any difference is when you use the Create Executable button which will then open the Steam Workshop uploader.

Also note that the main window of GameMaker:Studio for Steam has all the standard controls for creating your games (depending on the version you have bought, not all will be available), but you will also find two extra buttons related to the Steam Workshop:

SteamPlayIDEButton.pngThis first button will open the Steam Player where you can play any games you have subscribed to or uploaded to the Steam Workshop.
SteamWorkshopIDEButton.pngThis second button will open up the page of the GameMaker:Studio Steam Workshop in the Steam client window on your PC.

Using these buttons along with the Create Executable button, you can upload, edit, and subscribe to your games for testing/playing, all from the main GameMaker:Studio window, keeping the workflow streamlined and easy to use.

Buying Additional Modules From Steam

If you bought GameMaker:Studio through Steam you can also purchase extra modules easily on-line from the same service, with no licence being required as Steam keeps track of your details for you.

To access the available modules, you must run your Steam Client, go to the Library and right click on the GameMaker:Studio entry. From the right click menu that pops up you should select the option View Downloadable Content which will open the Application Properties window and there you can select, buy and install the module of your choice.

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