Setup GameMaker: Studio's Micro Web Server (for HTML5 and wifi mobiles)

Setting up GameMaker:Studio to use the HTML5 module is a very simple process and only requires a minimum of work before you can start testing your games in Opera (not the older Presto versions), Chrome, FireFox, IE11 (not 10), and Safari on a Mac (not Windows).

To configure the micro web server in GameMaker: Studio you should do the following :

  1. Select File> Preferences> Web Server
  2. Web Root Directory: Normally you can just leave this blank but if you get any errors you can use this to point the server to a specific place on your computer
  3. Web Browser Location: Here you can override your default browser to force the use of a different one, if you wish. Otherwise, leave it blank.
  4. Web Server Port: This is set to 51268 to 51280 by default. There is no need to change this unless these ports are already in use or you wish to reduce the number of allowed ports.
  5. IP Allowed List: Enter either the individual IP addresses for all of the devices you wish to connect, or a range of ports in CIDR format - this will normally mean the first three parts of your PC's local IP address, then .0/24, which signifies that any IP from 0 to 255 on your network range can connect.

It will likely look very similar to this (I'm not forcing the use of a non-default web browser and your IP address may well differ):


If you are not sure of your local IP address, you can find it easily by following the instructions found here

Once you have done this you can begin to create games using GameMaker:Studio, and see them run on the browser you have selected simply by pressing the green or red play buttons on the main toolbar when you have selected HTML5 or a mobile device which is wifi-capable as your current platform.

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