Text/Sprites/Backgrounds do not colour correctly when I double click on the index.html file

Image tinting isn't actually available in HTML5, so we cheat a little and copy the image, lock it's pixels, and re-colour it using JavaScript code to tint every pixel by hand. We do cheat a little in order to help speed things up, but being able to get at an images bits is vital for this to work. However...certain browsers (like Firefox and Chrome) have security settings that don't let us modify images when they have been loaded from a local source, they deem this as a security threat and just don't allow it. This means we're stuck using the original image, and on things like fonts, that means a white font (you can't re-colour black!). There is nothing we can do about this, HTML5 content that does this MUST be loaded via a web server, and this is why GameMaker: Studio comes with a web server built in for you to view your games. So rather than clicking on the file, you really should view it via the built in web server, or it will probably not look correct.

Hint: you can also use Apache server like WAMPP to run from your localhost server without publishing to web

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