Updating GameMaker: Studio

So you have downloaded GameMaker: Studio.  What version should you be using?

GameMaker: Studio has 3 versions; Stable, Beta and Early Access.  As we all know any software will contain Bugs and annoyances and this is our way of allowing you to have potential fixes as quickly as possible.  All versions of GameMaker: Studio receive testing, however sometimes we must allow fixes to go out quickly in order to address something urgent.  

If you want to know what version is the latest version currently someone has been very helpful in providing both a website and a twitter account to let you know.

One thing I would recommend doing is checking release notes with every release, this will show you what has been fixed or changed in that specific version.  We have one for Stable/Beta and another for Early Access, (TIP You can actually download specific versions by clicking on their version number).  You can also visit our Bugs Database to see what issues are known about and what has been fixed but not in the current releases etc.

When using Beta or Early Access we advise you treat it with a bit more caution and recommend saving more frequently or using SVN etc.

TIP Make sure to back up any data such as Android Keystores etc before updating.



The Stable version shall be as stable as we can make it, this will have the least amount of updates.  If we consider most of the known issues from Early Access and Beta stable, then we shall push the changes down the chain to this version.  Note I say "known issues", there will always be the chance of something slipping through, this is where we rely on you to notify us of an issue if you do not see it in the bugs database.

Right click on GameMaker icon in the system tray, select "Stable Update Channel".


Once you have done this, you will be notified very quickly of any updates that are available to you.  As you can see, you can manually check for updates or set it to automatically download updates for you.

TIP GameMaker: Studio will always notify you of any updates on starting the software within the channel that you are using.  You can choose to update or ignore it.

Please note
If you are on a later version number than the current Stable then you will not receive any updates and you will have to download the previous version you require from the release notes.

If you're not interested in reporting bugs or contacting the Helpdesk or being active in the GameMaker Community, then we would strongly advise that you stick to the Stable channel. 



This version shall receives updates more frequently and it will be a further test bed for issues to be assessed.  Smaller issues that we don't require going to Early Access shall go here first also.

Following the same method as before with the Stable update, Right click on GameMaker icon in the system tray.  This time however, select "Beta Update Channel".



After this, you shall be notified of any Beta updates straight away.

Please note If you wish to move back to Stable, then you will have to download the current version from the release notes.


Early Access

The Early Access version is the version that shall receive new features or fixes that are not fully able to be tested by the YoYo Games QA Team.  This version can be downloaded from our main website and shall install separately without interfering with your Stable/Beta GameMaker: Studio version.  I would highly recommend backing up any project before using this version though.

Steam makes switching between versions easy and you can switch between them as you wish.

Please note that Early Access requires a GameMaker: Studio Professional or Master Collection licence to activate.



GameMaker: Studio on Steam receives all of the updates listed above also but it follows a different method to get these updates.

Right on GameMaker: Studio within Steam and select Properties.



From within properties, select BETAS and then, from the drop down select what version you want to have.



After this, Steam will automatically handle your download and once finished you can get going.



What if you have issues?

Firstly our first bit of advice would be to try the update again.  After that, make sure to check your internet for any connection issues.  Furthermore, try the release notes (Stable/Beta and Early Access) to download the version and see if that installs for you.  Finally, try a fresh install and see if it was any files that stopping the install.

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