Installing GameMaker: Studio

Installing GameMaker: Studio

When installing GameMaker Studio, no matter which version you have; Standard, Professional or Master Collection, it is important to know that each version starts from GameMaker: Studio 'Free' and is then upgraded using your purchased licence within the software.

With regards to the above statement, we can now break down the process of installing GameMaker into two categories:

  • Installing GameMaker: Studio Standard 'Free'
  • Updating your license to the correct version.

Installing GameMaker: Studio Standard

To install GameMaker: Studio 'Free' the first necessary step is to download the software from the official YoYo Games website.

Click here for a direct download or click here for more information about the product.

Once you have GameMaker: Studio downloaded, please run the software via either the installation .exe or directly from the downloaded file in your download manager.

Please proceed in carefully reading and installing the product.

Useful notes:

DirectX Requirements

DirectX 9.0c or above

For more information on downloading Direct X, please see here.


.Net Requirements

.NET Framework 3.5 

If you don't have an entry for .NET Framework v3.5, get it here (Please also note the recommended updates at as described on the Framework page)


System Requirements

GameMaker: Studio IDE

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Windows 8
  • 512MB RAM
  • 128MB graphics
  • Screen resolution of 1024×600

Updating your license to the correct version.

If you have got this far, congratulations on installing GameMaker: Studio! However, the Standard version of GameMaker: Studio does have its limitations, and user who have bought a version GameMaker: Studio Professional or Master Collection will want to unlock the functions which they have paid for. If you have not yet purchased a version of GameMaker, you can do so here.

When you first start GameMaker: Studio you will be presented with a screen that will give you 3 options.  If you already have a license key in your version of GameMaker: Studio then you will want to open a project and locate to Help -> Update License.

Which selection you want to take is as follows:

  • GameMaker: Studio Standard - Use Create Account.
  • Steam User or already have an account - YoYo Account.
  • No Account but have Professional or Master Collection license key - Studio License.

Note: If you do not have a license key and do have YoYo Account but wish to get GameMaker: Studio Standard then you can log in to your YoYo Account and go to the licenses tab to redeem a free license.

More information about the YoYo Account can be found here.

Adding a Module onto your Professional license.

If you have purchased a Module on it's own then you can create/use a YoYo Account.  Once in your account, you will want to select license and then insert your license keys.

When inputting a Module key and you have multiple Professional licenses, it will give you the option of which one you want to enter it too.

Useful notes:

You can check which modules have been added by Locating the Help tab and selecting About GameMaker. This will also let you know which version you are on. Alternatively, you can log in to your account account and find this out as well.

If you purchase a module at a later date, the above process to update your license must be carried out again to activate the new module inside GameMaker.

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