Can I upgrade from an older version of GameMaker?

The following versions of GameMaker are able to be upgraded:

GameMaker:HTML > upgrades to > GameMaker Studio Professional + HTML5 export module. (Free)

GameMaker 8.1 > upgrades to >  GameMaker Studio Professional (Pay)

GameMaker Studio Standard > upgrades to >  GameMaker Studio Professional (Pay)

No other versions of GameMaker are able to be upgraded and only stand-alone licences are valid.
The ability to upgrade can be found on the checkout webpage on our site here:

It is not normally possible to upgrade from the Professional version of GameMaker Studio to the Master Collection version but we do special upgrade sales every so often that allow this. We recommend subscribing to our mailing list (Bottom of our main page: so you will be emailed if an upgrade sale starts.



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