Troubleshooting MacOSX Exports

This FAQ is for those people that are having issues either setting up their Mac to work with GameMaker: Studio, or for those users that have everything set up, but their game won't compile correctly. It addresses some of the most common questions and issues.

What's The Host Name?

When setting up GameMaker: Studio for MacOSX export you will be required to supply a Host name. It is probably best if you use the IP address of the machine, which can be accessed within Mac System Preferences:

  • Select "System Preferences" from the Apple pull down menu.
  • Select “Network” from preferences.
  • Your IP address will be visible to the right, as marked in the image bellow.

Where Do I Find My User Name?

For User Name, the best results are achieved using the Account Name (or Short User Name). This is the name of your home directory in "/Users". The best way to find it is to open Finder and browse to the Documents directory, then when you are there right click (or Option + Left click) on the Documents name in the title bar of the window, this should bring up a list of directories in reverse order, the short user name is the one above Users. Unfortunately Apple do not make this too easy to find - this name generally does not have any spaces or anything in it.

Once you have the correct Host Name + User Name + Password combination, pressing Check Connection in the GameMaker: Studio Preferences should show everything to be OK.

My Mac Can't Connect To My PC

If your Mac cannot connect to your pc, you can check the connection by starting the browser in the device and then type http://your_machine_address:51268/ If your device can't find that file then there is a problem with your device. Check and make sure that it is visible over WiFi and that you are on the same network as your pc, then try again.

Failure To Compile Game 

It is possible that your game will not compile because you are not using the standard bash shell. This will give a compiler output with information similar to the following:

YYInstallDir=/Users/<USERNAME>/Applications/GameMaker: Command not found.
YYDMGName=Application-Oven-1.0.dmg: Command not found.
YYDmgMD5=756589ef65lsf785849375hjf99: Command not found.
YYCopyDMG=1: Command not found.
YYInstallDir: Undefined variable.
YYStoredMD5=: Command not found.
YYDmgMD5: Undefined variable.
YYCopyDMG=0: Command not found.
fi: Command not found.
YYCopyDMG: Undefined variable.
YYInstallDir: Undefined variable.

This is what normally happens when you are using a custom/non-standard UI shell instead of the standard bash shell, which is what GameMaker. Studio requires. If you wish to remain with your shell whilst using Studio, your alternative shell must support bash and you may be required to modify the build script to point the bash location from the usual to where it is in your install (this is the top line in the script - please don't edit anything else in the file!).

If you are using a non-standard shell, please ensure you mention this when sending in any helpdesk tickets, etc.

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