OUYA - GameMaker: Studio Doesn't Connect

Some people have had issues when connecting to the OUYA game console. In this article, we give you the complete set of steps required to get GameMaker: Studio communicating correctly with your OUYA console.

Set Up The Console

First thing to do is switch on your OUYA and then navigate to the Developer Options and enable the ADB debugging options. You can find this from the Manage > System > Development menus:


Here you need to switch ADB to On, and then note down the IP address but omit the :"5555" at the end, as it's not required.

Set Up Windows

With the IP address noted down, you need to now go back to Windows. You first need to make sure that you have the correct drivers for the OUYA, which may present a problem on Windows 7/8 as they are unsigned, however you can find out how to resolve this issue from here.

Now you need to open a command prompt (press <ALT> + <R> then type "cmd" and <RETURN>) and then navigate to the Platform-Tools folder of the Android SDK, for example:

cd android-sdk/platform-tools/

This takes you to the folder where ADB is installed, and from here you need to connect ADB to the OUYA using the IP address that you noted  previously using the following command (the IP shown is an example):

adb connect

You should then check that the device has been connected correctly using the line:

adb devices

The command console should now show a line something like this:


Final Steps

Once you have checked that the OUYA is visible over the network, disconnect all other Android devices to ensure that it is the only one visible to the PC and then open GameMaker: Studio. Load your game and then run it with the Android target chosen from the drop down targets menu.

After a few moments you should see your game running on the OUYA.

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