GameMaker Updater Problems

Some people may have an issue with updating GameMaker:Studio or GameMaker:8.1. Now, while there may be a number of reasons for this, but one of the main ones appears to be the virus scanner in use, particularly if you use "Kaspersky".


In general terms the update process for GameMaker goes something like this:

- GM updater checks for a new version and downloads a file
- The file is extracted 
- the /UpgradeZip/ is then deleted
- The contents of of /Upgrade/ are then moved to the GameMaker folder

Its during this last step that update can often fail, as the anti-virus is seemingly preventing the updater from moving files, causing the updater to stop responding (it appears to get stuck in a loop).


Once the updater has been terminated manually, GameMaker will then fail to open again, and if you watch the task manager process list you can see it open and then close. This seems caused by GameMaker finding that the /Upgrade/ folder still exists, and doesn't know what to do with it anymore so it closes.


This can be fixed in a few ways:

- Manually move the contents of the /Upgrade/ folder to the /GameMaker-Studio/ (or /GameMaker/ for 8.1) folder.
- Delete the /GameMaker-Studio/Upgrade/ folder and relaunch (Note: This will download the update again).
- Uninstall and then re-install GameMaker again (this will install the latest version).



This article is based on a forum post by Chronic from the GMC:

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